Body Firming

Yonka Crème 155
YonkaCrème 155(4.4 oz)Benefits Ideal all skin types Highly balsamic phyto-aromatic cream Reduces local cellulite and fat deposits Helps to trim...
Yonka Crème 55
YonkaCrème 55(4.4 oz)Benefits Ideal all skin types Multi-dimensional body cream Helps slim down the figure Improves elasticity Specially recommended during...
Yonka Galbol 190
YonkaGalbol 190(1.7 oz)Benefits Ideal all skin types Helps to strengthen and tone Helps shape the curves of the décolleté and...
Yonka Phyto 152
YonkaPhyto 152(4.4 oz)Benefits Helps to strengthen the body's contours Reduces stretch marks Energizes and renews the skin Features Rosemary stimulates...

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